Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Smarty Pants recording sheet

I am using the smarty pants app during literacy centers while I pull other students for guided reading. I have created this smarty pants recording sheet. The first column is for teacher information (mainly the game that the students has been assigned to complete). The second column is the date; the third column is the level; the fourth column is the student's score. I think by making this assessment information available to the student, even a kindergartner, they will take ownership of this information and have a goal to complete each level. It will be their responsibility to fill in this information. I have noticed when doing progress monitoring on Mclass (or DIBELs for reading) that showing the students their previous scores and identifying a goal (surpassing previous score) they have this "buy-in" to doing well. They can also see their growth, big or small. They get very excited when they meet their goal.

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