Sunday, October 21, 2012

Social Emotional Needs, Part II

This is a follow up to my last post about Calm Counter. Yes, it worked and I was skeptical about it. Was the initial response to this app just because it was new? Here are some examples of what I am seeing in my classroom.

My student that does not do well with confrontation or unstructured activities was trying to get in line for lunch (possibly running) and was confronted by lunchroom personnel about his behavior in line. He got instantly upset. I happen to be nearby when this episode happened. I took him out of line, called down to my classroom for my resident to bring my the calm down ipad. He brought it, I put the headphones on the student and in 30 seconds he was back in line for lunch. Other adults in the area were shocked by the quick transformation.

Another episode was this same student was in art (in our classroom) and was asking for an ipad. The art teacher did not realize that we were using this and asked me (I was outside the classroom working) about an ipad that this student was asking for. I went in, put the headphones on and started the app. She stated he had calmed down quickly. I was very encouraged by him asking for this ipad on his own.

Other students use it as well. Their response is very quick and they are able to get quickly back to work or join the group on the rug. I am still amazed. I hope the newness never runs out but I am always looking for other options just in case.

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