Monday, November 26, 2012

Recording student information about graphing

My previous posts about story problems showed the students' work on answering story problems. My hope is that the students would share their thinking while working out the problems. This has not happened as the students (at this age) are just concentrating on what they are drawing and not what they are thinking. I believe this will come but with practice, lots of practice.

This practice started with having the students telling me what they know about a graph they created. Each student was given a blank Thanksgiving graph and had to glue the different foods on the graph. Each student had a different number of the different food items so students had to complete on their own. Then they had to open up Educreations app and press record. The students were then instructed to tell the ipad (or me) what they knew about the graph. We talked about using math words like most, least, more than and less than. They were then reminded how to save their work.

Considering this was the first time, most of the students were able to complete this task. About four  students had one or two seconds recorded. I am not sure what happened there but these students will be a focus next time we do this to ensure they understand this process/task.

In the future, I would like to work on decreasing the background noise of each other. I think some of this will decrease as the students get better at doing this and understand the routine better and don't need assistance on the procedure to record. I also think I would give them cue cards on words or pictures of the different math terms we use to make sure they are incorporating them into their descriptions.

Here are two examples of the student's work and their description of the graph using the Educreations app:


I can't wait to see what they can do the next time.

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