Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Story Problems

I am beginning the process of having students record their thinking and explaining the process to get their answer. I say beginning because last Friday's lesson where I introduced this process felt like a stumbling block. The students had used educreations before where they drew the pictures about each story problem. We shared our ipad drawings using apple tv (this they really loved). It allowed any of the students to project their ipad on the screen.

I modeled how I drew my picture, shared my thinking aloud, and "recorded" how I got my answer. We did this multiple times. Then, we had a few students (who I felt confident could demonstrate this) actually draw the pictures and do the story problem. However, they were so engrossed in the drawing they did not speaking. I was so disappointed.

I think more work is needed and more practice. I also think that at this developmental level that they are so focused on the picture that talking about it and drawing it, they are just not ready to do.

More work is needed. More modeling. More practice. We will get it.

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