Sunday, March 10, 2013

4 Word Study Groups-1 Teacher

Well, just my luck! I lose my voice for 3 days. Diagnosis: laryngitis. I have two residents so they helped alot but I still needed to do word study and guided reading groups.

Solution: iPads. I wrote scripts for my husband (who is not a teacher) and he read and recorded them while I wrote on Doceri what I wanted the students to do. The students listened to the movies they uploaded from Dropbox. I didn't have to sync to each iPad and each group listened to the movie.

Based on previous experience, I uploaded the exact movies in another folder on Dropbox because you just never know when a student might "accidently" delete a movie.

This is actually something I will use when my residents leave and still have 6 guided reading groups and 4 word study groups. I can still have instruction daily with each group using the iPad.

Here are the videos I had him make:

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