Sunday, September 16, 2012

New App: Skoolbo

I worked a little last year with piloting a new app: Skoolbo. I had difficulty because my old iPads were iPad1 and I really needed iPad 2 to use Skoolbo. However, I upload the app and had my kids use it so I could also still do the demo.

This is a free app. It can be used on the Mac, PC and iPads. It can truly be used at home or at school for all ages. The students get to pick their player by deciding the color of hair, skin, clothes, shoes, etc. Even though they compete against themselves earning points, they can actually see their friends in the "race" with them. My daughter and son were both on at the same time and they saw each other's names as they were playing.

The parents have to register the kids at and then set up their child's password. They are super easy to remember and took my little one about 30 seconds to remember "green" "dragon". They have to identify a color and picture (mostly of animals). The parents set up their own dashboard and then can invite the teacher to view the results. My teacher dashboard has all my students and I can see the number of minutes they have played, the percentage correct, the number of questions they answered and the kind of questions they have been asked. The dashboard will also show today's stats, the last month's total stats, and further back.

I also created a little guide sheet for signing up though it is so easy you don't need anything!

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  1. Carrie,
    Is Skoolbo an app that can also be used in a classroom setting or only at home where an adult has set up the account for an individual child?
    An Open Door