Sunday, September 30, 2012

Recording science experiments part II

The FOSS lessons for our unit of study on rocks include experimentation of river rocks. On Day 1, the students sorted and explored river rocks. The sorting was more challenging that simple colored blocks but many students still were able to sort. The students recorded their observations on (all ipads were signed up to my account so I have access to each of their recordings).

Here is another student's sort.

Day 2, the students were told that highways and roads are made with river rocks but that they have to be sorted. How could we sort these rocks by size. After their suggestions, I then held up a large screen and asked how we could use the screen. The students then went back to their tables with the materials. They poured the river rocks through the large screen. We came back to the rug and discussed our results. The students then recorded their results.
The students labeled some pebbles, large on top of the screen. Below the student labeled rocks. Here is another student recording. They are able to change the color of the rocks too using educreations. However, there is no brown color.
Here, the child used the red to label and used black and gray to draw the different river rocks.
I am also able to instantly share their labels using the apple tv. Each child's ipad is on my network (the one named after me located in my classroom). I just project the child's ipad image on the screen (the same way I do mine).

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