Monday, September 10, 2012

Protecting our investment

Now that I have 27 ipads, what about protecting them from the inevitable drops by a 5 year old? We decided to purchase the following cases. An expensive investment but when you consider the cost of the ipads, it is important to protect the investment. Amazon sells them for $33 each. We might have gotten a deal because we bought in bulk and school purchaser.

These are super cute but the real reason we got them is the ipads will be protected. The hands are easy for the students to hold. They are soft and can easily be gripped by little hands. The ipads pop in and when we carried them up the stairs swinging them (only as a test), the ipads didn't fall out. They were sturdy. 

Oops! While waiting for the sync cart and the cases, I realized that we never thought about fitting these cases in the cart. They do not! Yikes. Well teachers are creative and inventive and with the slats in the cart they do not fit. We figured out this situation by easily removing the slots. We had a bigger sync cart so they actually stand up while being synced. 

Last year, I put a colored piece of paper and number on the back of each ipad. I started this same label system this year until I got the cases. I was paranoid of dropping one of the ipads until the cases came. The students learned their numbers (I am not sure they even paid attention to the color) in about 2 days. When we put the ipads in the new cases, the number/color on back were hidden. We decided to just write with permanent marker on the front of the case (on the leg) the number of the ipad. I think I will also put it on the side of the case as well. Students can readily grab their ipad with the visual number. Also easy for me to grab them as well. The ipad cases will be good year after year.


I have clear plastic tubs with the students' folders and headphones in them. Originally the ipads were there too. They will not fit now. From another colleague, she had the suggestion to have a place on the counter or shelves where students can pick up their standing ipad. On the counter would be the matching number. Students would put their ipad on the corresponding number when not using. This is also good for departmental teachers who may have students from different classes using the ipads each period.  I don't have space for 27 ipads in a row but I have smaller spaces for 10 in each location. This will actually be better because then I can have multiple students getting ipads in different locations and they are not all crowded around one area. Save time, avoid conflicts--both things I love.

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