Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Recording science experiments

Yesterday, I showed my students how to use educreations (a 30 second lesson). They have seen us use this app for our intial whole group writing instruction but we have never talked about how to use the app. I just showed them how to end lesson, save lesson and name it. Prior to this I set up each of the educreations account on their ipad with my email address and password. Therefore, technically all their work shows up in my educreations account so I can review them all. We have disabled their ability to email on the ipad in kindergarten so they can't email me their work. This actually works better and saves an extra step. However, if I had to email (which my original intent was for the students to email me), I was inputting my email address so when they started to write my last name, my email would pop up.

The students are working with rocks. Yesterday, they were given a bag of 6 rocks, 3 different kinds, 2 of each kind of rock. they observed the rocks and sorted them. Today they made a hypothesis of what happened when they rubbed the same 2 rocks together. Then they were recording their work. Last year, I had a cute little geologist page where they recorded what they did. This year with ipads, they drew their observations on educreations.

Here is one student's work:

Here is another student's work:

On a side note, I used educreations for my word study group. They were writing 3 letter words. This is the second day I did this. The first day they had stylus and half of them had difficulty using the styles so I didn't use them today. It was amazing how they remembered how to save the lesson, name the lesson, etc. It is amazing how quickly they pick it up. I really didn't have to say anything but we are saving this lesson.

All of their lessons are on their own individual ipad but they are also on my educreations account too. If a parent wants to see their work, they can open the educreations account on the student's ipad and look at their lessons. Also, all of this work can be upload to three ring, an electronic portfolio I will use this year.

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  1. You're doing some really cool things in your classroom -- thank you for sharing! I'd love to see your students' work and share it with the PreK-2 teachers I coach. However, I'm denied access to the video links above.