Monday, February 4, 2013

Nonfiction vs. Fiction--Exit slip for characters

I did a lesson on nonfiction and fiction books. The concept of nonfiction books and fiction books are not new to the students. We have informally talked about them and have anchor charts that support this learning. This lesson focused on different books (both nonfiction and fiction) that can be categorized into the nonfiction and fiction categories. We did this together as a class. I read a little of each book and/or showed the pictures and other features.

As an exit slip, the students went back to their iPads and used the educreations app. They used Dropbox and downloaded 5 pictures and 2 sets of words. The 5 pictures were fiction and nonfiction spiders. The words were "yes Nonfiction" and "no Fiction." I used yes and no inaddition to the Nonficiton and Fiction because I have a few students with limited literacy skills and could read yes and no but not Nonfiction and Fiction.

Here are some of the exit slips: (By the way, the students did this mainly by themselves. They had seen how to do Dropbox on Friday. They practiced on Friday. Today (Monday) they did the Dropbox all on their own.)

Breonna Spider
Cameryn. Spider      John  Spider


  1. Wow! You amaze me and your kiddos amaze me!
    An Open Door

  2. Can you make the submissions public so we can watch them :)?