Monday, February 11, 2013

Sequencing activity with Educreations

The students had listened to A Story A Story for the unit on African Folktales. The activity was to sequence 6 pictures of the story. Instead of giving them 6 copied pictures and having them put them in order (glue on sentence strip), the students used Educreations app and Dropbox. They went to Educreations and then clicked the Dropbox and upoaded each of the 6 pictures. They had to resize the pictures and then put them in order. Having put them in order, we had the students write the number order near or on them.

Hint: Make sure the pictures that are in dropbox are uploaded out of order. If you put them in order, then when the students upload them, they will be in order too. It is harder to tell if they knew the sequence of the story or not.

The students then push the record button for a few seconds and then turn it off and save their work. They know to write their name and then we have a white board area where they look to see what to save the work as and type in that too.

Here are the screen shots of the educreations.

I did not need to take any paper sequencing sheets home to look at. I did not need to copy 6 pictures for each child. I looked at the sequencing while walking around the room observing but also did it that night on my laptop.


  1. Love this idea and just found on twitter. I haven't read the rest of your blog to this with one class ipad or several ipads in your room? If more than 1 ipad, how did you get the pictures into dropbox for all of the ipads? Any tips for a newbie to get started?

  2. I have 1:1 iPads in my classroom. Because I use more than one iPad, the dropbox and educreations accounts are all the same account, my account. I signed in with my account (email address) and password. You can have one account for your students and one for you personal/professionally. I put the information in the dropbox and they download the pictures and work on educreations. This could work with fewer iPads. They could take turns and just make sure to save it with their first (or last name) and the activity name. This is how my students do it now anyway. I hope this helps.